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What's in my monthly bill
What's in my monthly bill
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Your monthly bill includes:

  1. Your monthly charge for that month's broadband

  2. Any calls you’ve made (price details here) in the previous month

  3. Any extra charges from the previous month - e.g. if you've booked but then missed an Openreach engineer visit

  4. If it's your first bill, you'll also be charged for your previous month's broadband, proportionate to the number of days you were connected to our network (e.g. if you joined us on the 15th of the month, you'd be charged around £15 on the Fast plan).

To see what's in your bill for a given month, you will receive an email from that looks like this (if you have call charges, these will show up as a single line item):

We’ll let you know well in advance of any price changes.

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