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Our speeds

The average download speed on our network depends on the plan you're on. Our 80Mb 'Fast' plan using Fibre To The Cabinet technology is typically 60-70Mb/s (average upload speed of 15-20Mb/s).

However, if you're on our 'Really Fast' full-fibre 115Mb plan the average national speed is 98Mb/s (with an average upload speed of 20Mb/s). Customers on our 'Eggceptional' 1Gb full-fibre plan get an average of 900Mb/s and 115Mb/s upload.

You may see higher or lower speeds than this depending on your postcode and how far away from the green cabinet or exchange you are. 🤞

Testing your speed

We recommend using a public, free to use checker like these:

There are four main reasons why speeds can vary between postcodes:

  1. Your home data usage - for example, video streaming eats up a lot of capacity

  2. Your home network set up - for example, effective placement of your router can aid speeds

  3. Our wider network usage - latest iOS or game releases can really impact download speeds across the network

  4. Distance from the cabinet - if your home is quite far from the green cabinet (called a DSLAM or PCP cabinet) on your street, your speeds may be slower

If you are having trouble with your connection speeds and want to improve them, see here.

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