When we book an engineer to investigate a fault or fix an issue for you, Openreach usually don't charge us a fee if it is an issue with their equipment or their cabling, and fix the issue right away.

In certain instances, e.g. when your broadband isn't working fully or you have intermittent wireless dropouts, and we send an engineer without any troubleshooting being completed beforehand, they can mark this as an end user issue. This means Openreach charge you for the hour(s) that they spend working at your property. This is usually £65 for one visit.

This also applies if an appointment is missed by you, or if no one was in the property when the engineer arrived. This is charged at £35 per missed appointment.

We may be able to dispute these charges on your behalf if you believe that the visit was required or that you were in at the time of the visit.

If you wish to dispute any charges that have been put onto your bill, contact us via our online messenger or send us an email at hello@cuckoo.co.

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