Sometimes, traditional routers may not be powerful enough to cover your whole property with fast WiFi speeds. WiFi speeds are also slower, the further away you are from the router.

You can purchase a wireless mesh network (WMN), which is a system of devices (i.e. 3 little boxes) that are designed to 'blanket" your property with WiFi. You are able to plug the primary/main device in to the router, then plug the 2 (or more) secondary devices around your home.

If you are wanting to setup a mesh network (Google Nest, Amazon Eeros etc), you will need to enable bridge mode on your Cuckoo router by following these steps:

  1. Please login to My Account - your PPP details are under "Personal Details".

  2. Connect to the router on a device with a web browser (via wifi or ethernet).

  3. Navigate to

  4. Login to the router page
    Username: admin
    Password - see the access key on the bottom of the router

  5. Click "Gateway"

  6. Click “Setup your Gateway”

  7. Select "Bridge" under Routed Type.

  8. This will disable the wifi on the router, meaning your device will most likely disconnect and the internet connection will be passed through the main ethernet port.

  9. Plug your mesh in to the main ethernet port and continue setting up through your mesh device app. You may be prompted to input your PPP details at this stage.

Please note, if the Google app crashes, you may need to enable "web and app based activity" on your Google account - see here for instructions.

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