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What happens during an installation?
What happens during an installation?
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When you place an order with Cuckoo our system checks your address and Openreach records and decides if an engineer needs to visit your home to get you connected. This is decided using their own records as to whether or not they already have a connection to your property, and when it was last used.

We use Openreach as our network provider, as they're the biggest in the UK so we can reach the most homes. They install and manage the cables and infrastructure that gets Cuckoo broadband into your home.

The most common reason an engineer will come to your property on your go-live date is if you're having a new line installed, although sometimes an engineer comes to verify the status of your existing line. You'll be told if you need an engineer appointment when you sign up, and in the emails that we send you.

An engineer will attend your home on your go-live date and install the relevant socket needed to get you connected with Cuckoo. This usually involves them drilling a small hole through your wall at the front of your property and feeding a small cable through your wall and into the socket that they install for you to connect your router to and get online. You can discuss with the engineer where you'd like the socket installed on your go-live date, but if you've ordered our Fast speed, this will usually be adjacent to where they feed the cable into your property as it doesn't require any power. You can discuss this with the engineer on your go-live date.

If you've ordered Very Fast or Eggceptional and are taking advantage of full fibre, then you have more flexibility over where the engineer installs the socket to connect your router, so discuss this with them on your go-live date if you have any specific requirements. It's worth knowing that the socket for our full fibre speeds requires power, so will need to be located next to a power socket.

If you're renting or live in an apartment/ flat, it's worth speaking to your landlord to make sure you have their permission for this work to take place.

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