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Getting started with your eero
Adding or removing an eero device
Adding or removing an eero device
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Managing your eero network is all done through the eero app on your smartphone or tablet.

You can add additional eero devices to extend your network. eero devices can connect wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable.

Add an eero device

1- From the Home tab, tap on the plus sign within the blue circle at the top right of your screen

2 - Tap Add or Replace an eero Device

3 - Tap Add eero Device

4 - Plug in your new eero device to a power socket and tap Next

5 - Once your new eero device is recognized, choose a location for the device from the list or create a new location using the Custom option

6 - The device is now added. tap Finish Setup, or select Add another eero Device to add additional devices

Remove an eero device

eero devices can be removed from the network in a few simple steps

1 - From the Home tab (bottom left of your screen), tap the device you wish to remove

2 - Select Advanced

3 - Tap Remove to remove your eero device

4 - Tap Remove from network in the red button at the bottom of the screen

5 - Confirm removal by tapping Remove

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