Setting up your eero network
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The Amazon eero app will guide you through the setup of your network with your new eero device(s), but we're here to help if you need us.

So what can you expect as you go through the set up?

It's fairly straightforward, but we also know that everyone has different degrees of confidence when it comes to this sort of thing. Below are some of our tips for each step of the way.

1 - Download the eero app to a suitable smart device

The eero app can be used with devices that run either:

  • Android 7.0 or later

  • iOS 15 or later

As well as those operating systems, the device must have Bluetooth 4.0 or better enabled on the device and a mobile data connection.

You can find and download the eero app free of charge.

Android devices - Google Play Store

Apple devices - Apple App Store

Search for 'eero wifi' and download the app that's been developed by 'eero LLC'

2 - Find the best place for your eero

Before you get your eero out of the box, you'll need to find a home for your new network hub. It will need to be somewhere that has at least two free plug sockets. One for your eero and one for your ONT (the box that connects your home to your full fibre connection)

3 - Create your eero account

You have two options available to you:

  • New to eero? - For anyone that doesn't have an eero set up

  • Already have an account? - For anyone that may already have an eero that you set up with your previous provider

4 - Getting started

Once you've signed in to your eero account, you'll see this screen.

Tap Get Started to move to the next screen. It will look a bit like this -

If you've been sent one eero, then that one is your 'Gateway'.

If you've been sent multiple eero's, the 'Gateway' device will have been marked on the packaging. Make sure you use this one during this part of the set-up.

Press the Start button to progress.

Press the blue arrow once you've got your unplugged equipment ready to head to the next screen.

Tap the blue button once you've connected your eero and ONT with the ethernet cable provided.

You'll then be asked to plug in your eero Gateway device and then your ONT.

Your eero device's status light will start to flash white.

You may be asked to allow Bluetooth, agree to this to continue.

After a short time, your app should progress to the following screen.

You'll be asked to input a network name and password. Tap Create network to continue

Your next screen should confirm that your gateway eero device is up and running.

You'll then be asked if you want to set up any additional eero device.

If you have additional eero devices continue, or jump to No other eero devices to add a couple of steps below.

You'll be given advice on where to place your additional eero(s). Follow the steps and repeat until you have no other eero devices to add.

No other eero devices to add?

The eero will need to update with the latest software. Press Install now.

This may take a few minutes, so just press OK

It's then up to you whether you connect to your Amazon account. Decide for yourself and follow the on screen instructions by choosing Skip (top right) or Connect to Amazon (Blue button at the bottom)

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