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Sky Q Connection issues when using eero
Sky Q Connection issues when using eero
Updated over a week ago

Most people use both without any issue at all, but some have reported issues when using one or more Sky Q mini boxes. The good news is that eero are working on a fix, but for now we have a workaround for it.

If you get the message -

"It looks like you do not have an internet connection right now. If you're already set-up we'll keep trying to connect."

follow the steps below.

Power off and on

Turn off all of the Sky Q boxes at the wall, doing it via the remote doesn't work, and then turn them back on again.

If that doesn't work, there are a number of other options available to you.

Disable Eco Mode

By stopping your box(es) from going into sleep mode, it should help maintain a stable connection

  1. Select the Home button on your Sky Q remote

  2. Go to the Settings menu

  3. Press Preferences

  4. Set Standby mode to None

Disable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi on the Sky Q mini box(es)

Your eero hub sends out two Wi-Fi signal frequencies (2.4GHz and 5GHz). Disabling the 2.4GHz setting forces the mini box to connect to the 5GHz, which may be more reliable.

  1. Select the Home button on your Sky Q remote

  2. Without pressing Select, go to the Settings menu

  3. Access the engineer menu by entering the numbers 001 on your remote and pressing Select

  4. Within the Networks tab, select 2.4GHz Wireless and change it to off
    โ€‹Don't change any other settings in this menu

  5. Press the Back or Home button on the remote to exit the menu

Connect to your main box by Ethernet cable

While it may not be the easiest solution, connecting your main box to your eero device with an Ethernet cable helps ensure a stable connection for all additional Sky Q devices.

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