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What features are incompatible with eero Built-in?
What features are incompatible with eero Built-in?
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Below are some of the primary features that are not compatible with eero Built-in. This list may not be complete, and it may change over time as we work to improve the performance of this feature.

  • Echo devices with eero Built-in enabled support the 5GHz radio frequency only.

  • Echo Device Low Power Mode

    • When eero Built-in is enabled, Low Power Mode on Echo devices is disabled so they can remain active to serve as a mesh Wi-Fi extender, expanding your home’s Wi-Fi coverage.

  • Alexa Home Theater

    • When Alexa Home Theater is enabled, the Echo device associates as a client to the FireTV. This is incompatible with the eero Built-in architecture, where the Echo Device is meshed to the eero devices in the network — the Echo Device cannot be in mesh mode and client mode at the same time.

  • eero Built-In is not supported on eero Guest Networks. The guest network will not be extended.

  • eero Built-In is not supported when the eero network is in bridge mode.

  • You may experience limited HomeKit Router functionality across your eero network when eero Built-in is enabled.

  • WPA3

    • When WPA3 is enabled (you can do this through Discover > eero Labs in the eero app), your eero devices will support WPA3 transition mode for connections between the eero and the connected device. Your Echo devices will use WPA2 for connections between the Echo device (as an access point) and the devices connected to the Echo device.

  • eero Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (1st Generation) does not support eero Built-in

  • Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) channels

    • DFS channel support on the eero network may be impacted when you add an Echo device as an eero Built-in access point. Supported channels vary by eero and Echo device.

  • eero Alexa skill

    • When using the eero Alexa skill, the Alexa service may not always identify that your eero Built-In enabled Echo device is currently acting as an access point rather than a connected client device.


Q: If my eero is providing coverage to an area and I have a compatible Echo device, will eero Built-in create interference and lead to a lower quality Wi-Fi signal?

  • A: No. When you enable eero Built-in, eero intelligently detects when your eero devices are already providing great coverage at your Echo device.

Q: Why does eero disable built-in on my Echo device if there is already solid eero device coverage?

  • A: Too many device signals can cause interference and cause poor device performance. Given eero devices generally support higher internet speeds than eero Built-in on a compatible Echo device, eero prioritizes using a nearby eero device over a nearby Echo device if their coverage areas significantly overlap. eero intelligently detects when your eero devices are already providing great coverage and to disable eero Built-in on your Echo device as needed.

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